Choosing a credit card processing company is a big decision, and we understand that you might have some questions.
Check out a few of our most frequently asked questions below!

Yes! We understand that your customers might have some concerns about the security of using their credit card at a small business. The safety of your business and your customers are our top priority. All of our credit card terminals are fully encrypted, and we handle the routing process with banks and credit card networks through a secure transaction.

Because we understand that different merchants have different needs, we offer you a choice of traditional credit card processing or our zero transaction fee processing program. With traditional processing, you bear the cost of processing credit cards at your business. Zero transaction fee processing passes along the processing fee to the customer, providing merchants with the option to provide a discount to customers wanting to pay with cash. This will help your business save money over both the short and long term. Both forms of processing can work at any business, but we find that our quick retail clients – such as concession stands and carnival merchants – find the most success using zero transaction fee processing.

Although both the NRS and Clover are safe, highly respected point of sale systems, there are some key differences between the two that make them better fits for different businesses. NRS was designed for convenience stores, and it costs somewhat less than Clover. On the other hand, Clover is a better fit for restaurants and small retail businesses. Unlike NRS, Clover is app based and offers options for fully contactless payment.

Yes, depending on the network batch time.

We integrate with most non-proprietary software.

We integrate with most non-proprietary hardware.

Gorilla ATM

Gorilla ATM helps merchants and independent ATM operators keep their ATMs secure. We offer a wide range of ATM enclosures to fit ATMs of any size and in any location, including drive through, walk-up, and wall mounted ATMs. All of Gorilla ATM’s enclosures are built tough and include solid steel locks to keep thieves out. Best of all, they’re available in a rainbow of custom colors.

Carolina ATM

Carolina ATM offers a comprehensive range of ATM services. Being an independent ATM operator involves so much more than buying your machine. There’s constant monitoring and maintenance that comes with keeping your machine running smoothly. We know you’ve got a lot on your plate as a business owner, and we’re here to help!

Express BTM

BTM Express provides a seamless and user-friendly way for consumers to purchase Bitcoin. Unlike Bitcoin exchanges, which can be time-consuming and confusing, our Bitcoin ATMs give you instant access to Bitcoin. Our Bitcoin ATMs let users buy and sell Bitcoin for cash, creating a virtual wallet you can use with retailers that accept digital currency. It also allows you to invest in Bitcoin the same way you’d invest in stocks.
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