Have you noticed the newer way of paying at your favorite small businesses and restaurants? Many of them have upgraded their point-of-sale systems to Clover, a fully mobile system that gives business owners ultimate flexibility. Total Payment Solutions carries Clover and Clover Mini systems to buy.

So, what sets Clover apart from traditional POS systems? These advanced systems are app based and can be customized to suit your exact needs with over 400 downloadable apps. You can access all of your numbers from any computer or mobile device Clovers are aesthetically pleasing and easy to use for both customers and employees. They’re also compatible with Apple Pay, Android Pay, and Google Pay, which gives your customers the option to make contactless mobile payments.

In addition to the standard Clover, which functions much like a traditional POS system, we also carry Clover Mini. The compact Clover Mini system offers all the same processing, inventory, and management services as the larger Clover at a lower price point. If you’re low on counter space, the Clover Mini is an all-in-one system and doesn’t require an additional cash register, scanner, or printer.

What It Includes

In addition to a touch screen cash register, your Clover system features multiple parts, including:

  • Credit card reader
  • Cash drawer

Your Clover Mini may have different features. If you need additional Clover accessories, just ask! We carry a full range.

Let Clover revolutionize the way you do business.
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