Online Reporting

At Total Payment Solutions, with our online reporting, you don’t need to be at your business to stay on top of it all. You can access daily payment card transactions, settlement and funding overviews, sales trends and more – all on the go away from you desk. With an internet connection you can retrieve valuable information on your merchant account whenever and wherever you need it.

Save Time

Maximize your efficiency: reduce manual processes to save time and provide better customer service. Quickly and easily access the information you need using our 24/7 secure online reporting system.

Reduce Costs

Control your business costs: identify and reduce payment processing errors, downgrades and chargebacks. Review, reconcile and track credit card transactions, bank deposits, settlements and disputes; and see a total count and dollar amount for outstanding retrievals.

Track Your Cash Flow

Manage income: follow your overall performance and sales trends over time. Analyze your interchange expenses & identify fraud from customers and employees.